Sometimes it can be very difficult to put together the whole crew. That is the reason why we prepared this advertising link for you. For free, you can publicize your demand for available spots in a crew or captain’s services here.

This advertisement is free only for private offers – that means it is not a gainful employment and does not allow to offer rentals of your own boat (or commercial regatta) to others etc. In all disputable cases a judgment of our staff will be applied.
If you want to advertise your business offer, please Contact Us through our e-mail info@aaayacht.cz and we will send you all the requirements immediately.

Fill in the form and send the text of your ad to our e-mail address and we will release it immediately.

It became almost a custom that someone has to cancel the vacation at the very last moment because of family issues. Suddenly you have an available spot and you would like to complete your crew. For you there is a section – I offer a spot in the crew

Or you are just a small group and you would like to join some other crew. For you we have a section – I seek a spot in the crew
You are a complete crew and you need to find a suitable captain? For you there is a section – I seek a captain

Are you interested in cooperating with AAAYacht in the field of providing captain services? Please sign in the section – I offer captain services

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