Deposit insurance in ALLIANZ

This insurance will help you to reduce the risk of partial or total money loss while renting a boat. The insurance policy is in the Czech Republic taken out with ALLIANZ a.s. via our agency.
Through this insurance you don’t free of the obligation to pay the deposit when renting a boat. But in the case of part or total forfeiture of the deposit, you will get the money back (-10% excess).

We recommend you to read the conditions of insurance policy carefully!

The original of insurance agreement and its conditions by ALLIANZ a. s.

Insurance of key money:


The sum of deposit (CZK)



The sum of deposit (EUR)



Excess (CZK)



(Insurance) Premium (CZK)



16 000






1 600



1 760



32 000



1 000



2 400



2 880



48 000



1 500



3 200



4 160



64 000



2 000



4 000



5 120



80 000



2 500



4 000



6 400



96 000



3 000



4 000



8 000




In case, when a client contracts more then one insurance agreement during one year and did not have any insurance event from the previous insuring, he can get a discount of 50% for another insuring agreement.

You can insure the deposit through the Internet by filling in and sending the form. The payment for insurance agreement is on the same bank account and with the same variable symbol as the boat. By return we will send you the original of the insurance agreement, a boat rental contract and an invoice for the boat rental.

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