English courses on the boat

– cost of education

Summer and fall English courses will allow you to improve your command of English. If we imagine term English courses, we usually place our picture somewhere near our home. Probably each one of us already participated in some kind of a language course. Unfortunately, the result is mostly the same: even after a couple of years of studying, we are not able to step forward to a higher level. This stage is known as a “chronic beginner”. There is a number of reasons that cause that: 

1) Not being focused
Even if you participate in an intensive English course, after returning to your everyday surrounding of your mother tongue, you begin to speak and think in Czech again. And once again it becomes very difficult to focus on the subject during the lessons.

2) Irregular attendance
Despite of your great motivation to improve your English skills, often you are forced to miss a lesson for whatever reason. You can be fully occupied at work, you might have personal or family problems, or you just can’t make things on time. In that case the first thing you usually give up is understandably the English lecture.

Study of foreign language abroad

1 week of studies abroad = 3 months of studies at home
Invest money in your children’s education
Send your children for a language course abroad. According to your will, they can take the courses for 1 or more weeks. Give them the opportunity you have never dreamed of! Your children will become more independent and will gain motivation to improve their language skills.
The English courses take place in Croatia on a modern sailing boat with cabins for 2 people (available for 6-8 people at one time).

Course prices and terms:

Terms Price Price after discount Free places

Price covers: 

Accommodation on sailing boat
Salary for the captain
Salary for the English teacher
English course (max. 8 people)
Fully equipped kitchen
Fees for anchoring in the home port
Staying tax
Meals – half board
Depleted fuel

Price does not cover:

Transportation (the clients usually arrange to travel together by cars)
Fees for anchoring in a different port than the home one
Insurance of persons


In spite of the fact that Croatia is during the summer time considered to be an area with quite stable climate, we recommend you to be prepared for a windy and rainy weather as well. Do not underestimate the intensity of the Adriatic sun and don’t forget to take a sun block with protective factor, sun glasses and a hat. On the boat you can only have light soles. Don’t forget to take waterproof clothes (preferably a jacket with a hood), plastic raincoat, warm pullover and neckerchief. The other things you will need for your stay are identical with those you take with you for a vacation at the sea side.

How do the lessons look like?

Back home we are used to a standardized picture of a teacher standing in front of the blackboard and a class full of students, who quietly sit in their desks and don’t show much of an interest for the learned material. In our courses everything runs a bit differently. The lectures are given to a small group of students so the teacher can pay more attention to each of the students individually, which increases the intensity and effectiveness of the course. Our lectors use the latest methods of teaching.

What can you look forward to?

A week spent on a sailing boat and 24 hours of English lessons.


For every person you bring with you to our English course you gain a discount of 500 CZK from the price of your course
Everyone who participated in our English course gets a discount of 1000 CZK for a boat rental

Payment terms::

Advance payment of 50% of the course’s price after registration
The difference payment 1 month before the beginning of the course at latest

Advance cancellation:

If withdrawing of the contract by the applicant of the course, cancellation fees are:
100 % within 0 – 30 days before the beginning of the course
50% within 30 – 300 days before the beginning of the course 
0%  in case of replacing the applicant by a third person

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